Who Is Helena Bonham Carter Husband? Details!

Helena Bonham Carter is a well-known English actress who has worked on stage, in movies, and on TV. She is probably also well-known for her parts in movies like A Room with a View, Fight Club, and the Harry Potter movies.

Helena was born on May 26, 1966, in Islington, which is a part of London, England. Raymond Bonham Carter is her father, and he is a merchant banker. Elena Propper De Callejon is her mother (a psychotherapist).

Who Is Helena Bonham Carter Husband? Details!

She was from a famous family of politicians. Her father’s parents were both well-known politicians.

She has two brothers and a sister. Their names are Edward and Thomas Bonham Carter. Helena has mixed English, Ashkenazi Jewish, Spanish, Irish, and French, as well as British, heritage. Her birth sign is Gemini.

Who Is Helena Bonham Carter’s Husband?

Helena Bonham Carter is possibly single right now. She is not dating someone in 2022.

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Helena Bonham Carter’s Ex-Husbands

In 1994, Helena Bonham Carter began a relationship with Kenneth Branagh, an actor from Northern Ireland. They were together for perhaps in the neighborhood of five years.

In 1999, Helena was briefly romantically involved with English actor Rufus Sewell for a period of a few months. Their relationship did not last. During the summer of 2000, Helena began dating the much older actor Steve Martin. Martin was already married.

In 2001, Helena began a relationship with the director Tim Burton. He was the one who cast her in the Planet of the Apes movie, and while they were filming it, they became good friends.

Who Is Helena Bonham Carter Husband? Details!

They resided in houses that were adjacent to one another and connected. She gave birth to a son in 2003, and his name is Billy Raymond Burton. In December of 2007, they became parents for the first time to a little girl named Nell Burton.

They announced the breakup of their relationship in a statement that was made public in December 2014. It was said that Burton experienced a crisis of identity at the midpoint of his life.

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Helena Bonham Carter’s Career

Carter won a national writing contest in 1979, which she mentioned when discussing her line of work. She made her debut when she was 16 years old in a television advertisement. It is quite likely that she was cast as the lead character in the 1986 film “Lady Jane.”

In point of fact, she played a prominent part in the romantic comedy film ‘A Room with a View,’ which was produced by Merchant Ivory and released in 1986. Her character, Lucy Honeychurch, is a young woman who falls in love with a young guy who lives an unconventional lifestyle.

Who Is Helena Bonham Carter Husband? Details!

However, during the years 1986 and 1988, she focused her attention on her work in television. In addition, she made guest appearances on episodes of Miami Vice and Fabulous, and she starred in several television movies, including A Hazard of Hearts and The Vision.

E. M. Forster’s novel served as the inspiration for her performance as Helen Schlegel in the 1992 film Howards End, which was directed by Merchant-Ivory.

She co-starred with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in the 1999 film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Fight Club,” which was based on the novel. She also had a role as a woman with questionable morals named Marla Singer, for which she got acclaim from the media.

In the animated movie “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit,” which was released in 2005, she provided the voice of the character Lady Tottington.

While in contrast, the actress launched her own fashion brand in 2006 under the name “The Pantaloonies,” in conjunction with swimsuit designer Samantha Sage.

In the British dramatic television film “Enid,” which made its debut in 2009 on BBC Four, she gave a performance as the character of Enid Blyton, the author of children’s books.

Helena Bonham Carter

This was also a successful attempt that won an award. In the same vein, she played Queen Elizabeth in the British epic historical drama film “The King’s Speech,” which was directed by Tom Hooper and released in 2010.

In addition, from 2007 through 2011, she portrayed Bellatrix Lestrange in the last four Harry Potter films. These films were released between 2007 and 2011.