Who Is Tamara Kalinic’s Boyfriend?

Tamara Kalinic has been seeing her lover Filippo Testa since the year 2020.

The news of Tamara’s boyfriend has caused a stir in Hollywood. Tamara, a resident of Milan, discovered her love of life in the city.

Filippo is the boyfriend of the fashion world’s most powerful Serbian woman. The blogger has opened up about her personal life, including her relationship with the equally successful Testa.

She stated in an interview with Lepaisrecna that she did not hide his boyfriend, but she did not mention him on social media. She believes it was not her responsibility.

In the fashion world, the duo has become a formidable and successful couple.

About Tamara Kalinic

Tamara Kalinic is a well-known YouTuber and social media influencer in Europe. The Fashion is the creator and blogger behind the popular ‘Glam & Glitter’ site. She has also graced the covers of Cosmopolitan and Grazia magazines. Additionally, The Sunday Times, a UK-based news portal, has included him on their list of 100 influencers.

In addition, the 32-year-old (as of 2021) has quit her job as a pharmacist to pursue a full-time career as a blogger and influencer.

The YouTuber was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, on March 16, 1989. Her parents are pharmacists who own their own businesses. Her father operates an acupuncture center, while her mother is a hospital division director. Her parents split when she was in high school. She has a sibling whose identity has not been widely publicized. Later, she relocated to Brighton, England, in the United Kingdom.

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Who Is Tamara Kalinic's Boyfriend?

Her schooling included a pharmacy degree from the University of Brighton, which she received in 2011. When she relocated to Serbia with her parents, she was bullied in primary school because of her ethnicity. She began her work as a pharmacist after graduation, but she left to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time blogger. She also has her own blog, dubbed ‘Theglamandglitter.’ She also encourages anti-bullying in her videos and does not promote plastic surgery, fillers, or botox.

Net Worth

Tamara Kalinic’s true net worth estimates to be worth $168.57 thousand based on YouTube audience data.

However, Net Spot Worth’s estimation is based on a single source of revenue. Tamara Kalinic’s net worth could be far larger than $168.57 thousand dollars. Tamara Kalinic’s net worth might be as high as $236 thousand if we examine all of her sources of income.

Tamara Kalinic’s channel has 702.38 thousand monthly views and roughly 23.41 thousand daily views over the last 30 days.

Monetized YouTube channels make money by displaying advertisements. YouTubers can make anywhere from $3 to $7 per thousand views on their videos. If Tamara Kalinic’s net worth is in this area, she makes $2.81 thousand per month, or $42.14 thousand per year, according to Net Worth Spot.

Who Is Tamara Kalinic's Boyfriend?

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However, our estimate could be below. Ad revenue might bring in $75.86 thousand per year

Tamara Kalinic is likely to have other sources of income. Successful YouTubers have sponsors as well, and they can make more money by promoting their own items. They could also participate in speaking engagements.