Why Did Harry And Melissa Break Up? Know About Relationship Update!

In September 2021, Melissa posted on Instagram that she and Harry had split up. Many people were shocked to hear this news because they thought their connection was one of the show’s stronger ones. Three years into their relationship, Melissa and Harry had even entertained the idea of getting married.

It’s unknown why they split up, but Melissa said on a Wednesday We Drink Wine episode that “everything is extremely nice” and that “nothing awful has happened, no one cheated.” She also added that “it happened at the right time” and that she is “feeling in a very nice place” after the relationship.

Her romance with Harry ended in 2021, and she is now dating model and videographer Toby Watkins, who is frequently featured in the podcast she co-hosts with her SW3 bestie, Wednesdays We Drink Wine.

Unfamiliar listeners who only know Melissa from her stint on MIC may be shocked to learn that she has a boyfriend.

Recently, Sophie mentioned Toby in a podcast promotion video, and several of Melissa’s followers were astonished to learn that she was seeing someone.

She has stated on her podcast that she feels nervous about the fact that he is seven months younger than Melissa as opposed to Harry, who is seven years older).

The fact that the two dropped the “L” bomb on the podcast shows that they are taking things seriously.

On a Wednesday We Drink Wine show where Flossie was a guest, Melissa nervously confessed that Toby had slept with TikTok star Flossie Clegg before they started dating.

The night before, when it was revealed that Toby had slept with Flossie, Melissa and Toby had their first major disagreement, Melissa revealed to Flossie on the podcast.

He contacted me the day before the podcast and said, “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, but I’ve had a sexual encounter with Flossie in the past,” she recalled.

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Melissa originally assumed he meant recently, but he continued, saying it happened “years ago at a party.” Toby and Flossie are friends, so Melissa felt misled and angered that he had not told her.
Melissa and Sophie reassured her that she didn’t need to explain herself, saying, “that was weird”.

Melissa continued, downplaying the gravity of their fight by stating that learning this information gave her “an excuse” to argue with Toby. She made it plain that their argument was truly about something else, such as their age gap.

She said that the argument was necessary. The podcast’s complete episode is available here for listening.

Who is Melissa Tattam from Made in Chelsea?

Three years ago, Melissa Tattam debuted on the program as Harry Baton’s girlfriend. She is a podcaster and socialite outside of the show. She co-hosts the weekly podcast “Wednesdays We Drink Wine” with Sophie Habboo, another SW3 celebrity.

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A podcaster and socialite, Melissa Tattam. In addition, she founded and is the owner of the 2016-founded bikini firm MELISSAJAY. She has a YouTube channel where she periodically uploads vlogs and is also an influencer.