Why Was Princess Diana’s BBC Interview So Controversial?

The fifth season of The Crown is now on Netflix. It goes over a lot of important topics that will affect the British royal family for a long time. In this season of The Crown, one of the main plots is an investigation into Princess Diana’s infamous interview with the BBC in 1995.

Princess Diana’s explosive interview with Martin Bashir in 1995, in which she talked about her struggle with bulimia and Prince Charles’ relationship, had an effect that lasted long after she died.

New information and the thoughts of Diana’s family and friends point to the possibility that the princess was forced to do the interview and that the fallout from it led to her death too soon. This post will tell you everything you need to know about how the BBC got an interview with Diana, Princess of Wales in 1995 and about the controversy that followed.

Why Was Princess Diana’s BBC Interview So Controversial?

Why Was Princess Diana’s BBC Interview So Controversial?

In November 1995, Princess Diana spoke out for the first time. This was less than two years before she died too soon in a car crash in Paris. She told Bashir on camera about the problems that come with being in the royal family. She talked about why she and Charles, who was then Prince, broke up. She is best known for saying, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” She was referring to Charles’ affair with Camilla, who is now his wife.

Princess Diana said that, in addition to the stress of raising her young sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, she had struggled with bulimia, self-harm, and depression after giving birth. Diana said that her struggles with bulimia were like a “hidden disease” that she had to keep from everyone.

“That was a sign that my marriage wasn’t going well. People were using my bulimia as a coat hanger, even though I was trying to get help. They came to the conclusion that Diana’s instability was the problem, she said. “The reason was that my husband and I had to keep everything together because we didn’t want to let the public down, but there was a lot of anxiety going on inside our four walls.”

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Former senior judge and head of the independent inquiry Lord Dyson found that journalist Martin Bashir lied to get the interview and then lied to the BBC. Keep reading to learn more.

After it came out that journalist Martin Bashir got access to Diana through forgeries and other questionable means, the 1995 interview, called An Interview with HRH The Princess of Wales, has been at the center of a lot of controversies ever since it was first shown.

Soon after the interview was shown on TV, people began to ask how it was done.

Why Was Princess Diana’s BBC Interview So Controversial?

Martin Bashir asked a BBC graphic designer to make fake financial statements, the designer said. These papers were supposed to show that a newspaper chain gave money to a former employee of Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother.

According to the Dyson report, their goal was to get Earl Spencer to trust them so that he would introduce Mr. Bashir to Diana. Mr. Bashir told the people in charge of the BBC that he had made up fake statements, but he always denied showing them to Earl Spencer.

Bashir is also said to have shown Princess Diana a fake “receipt” for an abortion for Prince William and Prince Harry’s nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke when the boys were young. This was done to make Diana think that Prince Charles had made the royal nanny pregnant.

The report says that Mr. “lied and lied and lied until he realized he couldn’t keep it up any longer. This was the worst kind of behavior, and it’s hard to trust him in general because of it.

The BBC apologized for Panorama

After the investigation, Tim Davie, who is the Director-General of the BBC, said he was sorry and promised that the interview would never be shown on the BBC again.

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“It’s clear that the way the interview was set up was nothing like what people have a right to expect. We feel awful about this, said Davies.

Why Was Princess Diana’s BBC Interview So Controversial?

“The BBC has much better processes and procedures now, but the ones that were in place at the time should have stopped the interview from happening this way.”

“After a quarter of a century, the BBC can’t turn back time, but we can apologize in full and without conditions,” he said. “Today, that is on the BBC.”