Ali Wong And Justin Hatuka Finalize Their Divorce! Details Inside!

Another famous pair has broken up. Ali Wong and her husband Justin Hakuta have decided to split up after eight years of marriage and twelve years together. During what seems to be a friendly breakup, they say they will treat their young daughters with respect.

When Did Ali Wong And Justin Hatuka Meet?

In 2010, Wong and Hakuta started dating. They met at a friend’s wedding reception and liked each other right away. In her 2016 Netflix stand-up special Baby Cobra, the star of Always Be My Maybe made jokes about “trapping” her husband. She remembered, “The first thing I learned about him was that he was going to Harvard Business School at the time.

Ali Wong And Justin Hatuka Finalize Their Divorce!

And I thought, “Oh my God, I’m going to get his a-.” “I’ll get him where it hurts!” I also caught him by surprise when I didn’t kiss him until the fifth date, which was very out of character for me. But I did it on purpose because I thought he was pretty. In 2014, they got married for real. Their wedding was held at City Hall.

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Ali Wong And Justin Hatuka Finalize Their Divorce

Hakuta and Wong have chosen to go their separate ways. Even though the reason for the breakup wasn’t known at the time, a source close to the former couple says it wasn’t a messy split. “It’s friendly, and they’ll keep co-parenting with love,” the insider told PEOPLE. Wong’s agent also said it was true.

Wong joked that she started working hard after signing the prenup because she realized she had “signed a paper that said exactly how much I couldn’t depend on my husband,” according to CNBC. There is a prenuptial agreement between the two. She said, “My dad used to say that I had “the talent of dread.” Also, the prenup made me feel like I was going to die. The prenuptial agreement turned out to be one of the best things for me and my career. Wong and Hakuta had two girls, Mari and Nikki, who are 7 and 5 years old, respectively.

Ali Wong And Justin Hatuka Finalize Their Divorce!

Know About Justin Haukta

Even though Wong is worth a lot of money, Hakuta still made his ex-wife sign a prenuptial agreement. He is the son of Dr. Fad, who is Ken Hakuta, a Japanese-American inventor and TV personality. Justin runs a business that does well. Before that, he was Vice President of GoodRx.

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Wong has talked about how, despite his fame, he has helped her build a career as a comedian. Justin started a side business to sell T-shirts and tote bags at Wong’s shows.