News about Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Season 12 – COMPLETE DETAILS!

One could have anticipated that neither Larry David nor fellow comic legend Jerry Seinfeld would ever again experience the same degree of popularity when “Seinfeld,” their most well-known show, concluded in 1998. How can you succeed in a program that many people rank as the best sitcom of all time? How can you succeed in a program that single-handedly transformed its genre and gave rise to a whole generation of comedians?

The logical solution for Larry David—the living embodiment of the artistic adage that one should write what they know—was to create yet another show about himself. The show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” follows a semi-fictionalized version of David, whose lack of social grace is a constant source of tension in his everyday life. The name of the show is intended to ridicule fans who expected “Seinfeld 2.”

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Call Me Colonel

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The sitcom has received tremendous praise since its debut in 2000 and has even outlasted “Seinfeld” in terms of duration. In fact, the program recently finished its 11th Season at the end of 2021, and Larry David has some good news to assuage viewers’ concerns that it would be the end of “Curb.”

HBO will air the program for a 12th season.

According to Deadline, Larry David announced that “Curb Your Enthusiasm” would return for a 12th season when speaking at a TV Academy event this past Sunday. Long-time viewers who have been anxiously anticipating information on the forthcoming season will no doubt be pleasantly surprised by this revelation, especially in light of the uncertainties surrounding the show’s future and Larry David’s health.

Regular “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor Jeff Garlin acknowledged having concerns about the show’s survival in a podcast discussion with Tim Dillon back in June 2021. Garlin remarked, “I suppose we could do one more, maybe. “Larry is in his 70s, you know. I doubt that he is physically capable of doing more than, say, another season.”

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Garlin seems to be correct in anticipating that David will participate in at least one more season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” however it is unclear whether this would be the sitcom’s final season given the recent news regarding Season 12. It appears the choice has not yet been taken. In any event, despite how unsure the future of the series may look, fans should be extremely pleased that more “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is coming.