FBI Season 4 Episode 17 – Release Date, Cast, Where To Watch, And More!

Following the discovery of a young couple’s bodies in a New York City park after returning from a vacation, the investigation team looks for a suspect with ties to the drug trade. In addition, Scola turns over a fresh leaf in terms of his interpersonal interactions.

CBS has a repeat episode of FBI scheduled for you, we’ve heard. The 8th episode of Season 4 titled “Fire and Rain” will be re-aired on CBS, according to the TV guide schedules.

“A widow is stunned to learn that her new “lover” is the manipulative leader of a terrorist group plotting an attack,” according to CBS. On 9/11, Scola is reminded of his brother’s death. Tiffany is concerned about his emotional decisions as the investigation progresses.”

Release Date And Time For FBI Season 4 Episode 17

FBI is an American crime drama television series that premiered on September 25, 2018, and has become one of the most popular in the country. This series became so successful after only a few episodes that it has been renewed for a second season. Yes! The fourth season of FBI has finally debuted, and a few episodes have already shown. Fans are so enthralled by this series that, following the premiere of the previous episode, they are impatient to learn when the next episode, FBI Season 4 Episode 17, will air. When will the next episode, Episode 17, be available? On April 12, 2022, FBI Season 4 Episode 17 will be released.

FBI Season 4 Episode 17 - Release Date, Cast, Where To Watch, And More!

Cast Of The FBI’s “One Night Stand”

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Pegrym Missy (Special Agent Maggie Bell)
Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan (Zeeko Zaki)
Mr. Sisto (Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine)
Alana Garza (Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille)
J. Boyd (Special Agent Stuart Scola)
Turner, K.R. (Special Agent Tiffany Wallace)


Taylor Miller, A. (Kelly Moran)
V. Lim (Elise Taylor)
Rocco Franklin (Agent Hobbs)
O’Neill, T. Philip (Dr. Neil Mosbach)
Ms. Thiesfield (NYPD Rep Maya)

FBI Season 4 Episode 17 - Release Date, Cast, Where To Watch, And More!


VanSanten, Shantel (Nina Chase)
Garca (Benny Gomez)
DeColosio, E. (Octavio Lopez)
MCcarthy (Beth Miller)
Ramos, Jose E. (Lawyer)
Niziak, Alexa (Julia Miller)
daniel (John Kraus)
Hector “El Perro” Garcia
Lee, Tracey (Detective Ross)
G-Rod (Marquez)

Where To Watch FBI Season 4 Episode 17?

Episodes can be seen on the CBS website, and full episodes can be viewed on the Paramount+ streaming service.

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As they open the way for over-the-top release of series and movies, online platforms have become some of the most popular places to view shows. The different online platforms that are available have also contributed to an increase in the number of people watching series because they make it easier for binge watchers to watch these series with less effort. In fact, the FBI Season 4 Episode 17 is also available to watch on the internet.

The recent tendency among binge watchers has been to watch series, especially with the lockdown in place since 2020. They haven’t limited themselves to a single location or genre; instead, pursuing several pathways in series has become the standard in recent years. These binge watchers have expanded their horizons to include Korea, Spain, Germany, and a slew of other countries. For many of these Binge watchers, FBI is one such series that has been on their list of things to watch.

Information On The FBI Series

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Trailer Of FBI Season 4 Episode 17