Why Is Lois Griffin’s Fake Death Popular On TikTok? Details Inside!

The idea for the animated comedy Family Guy came from Seth MacFarlane, and Lois Griffin has become a fan favorite. Alex Borstein had been Lois’s voice actor for so long that it was surprising when a TikTok trend said that Lois Griffin had died. This made a lot of people wonder if Alex Borstein had also left.

Even if Alex Borstein didn’t die, the Lois Griffin death rumor seems to have been just a joke that went viral on TikTok. On December 26, 2022, rumors about Lois Griffin’s death spread like wildfire on the internet. Family Guy fans on TikTok and Twitter started the rumor that Lois Griffin had died at the age of 43. People started to think that the character was going to be taken out of the show. This page has everything you need to know about this pattern.

Why Is Lois Griffin's Fake Death Popular On TikTok? Details Inside!

Why Is Lois Griffin’s Fake Death Popular On TikTok?

The Sun says that the fake news stories about Lois Griffin’s death were spread as a joke. TikTok users took part in the hoax by making videos about Lois’s death and sending them to their friends and family. TikTok videos showed a wide range of reactions to the death of the character, from happiness to confusion. People on Twitter were confused by the trend. One person asked, “Can you stop saying that Lois Griffin is dead? I’m getting scared.”

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In Season 21, Did Lois Griffin Die?

Lois Griffin has made it through the twenty-first season of the show. In Season 6 of the show, her character did in fact pass away. “Stewie Kills Lois” and “Lois Kills Stewie” were two episodes in the sixth season. First, Stewie is angry that Lois is going on a trip after their humanoid dog Brian gives them tickets for two. Later, Stewie seems to kill Lois while she is away.

Why Is Lois Griffin's Fake Death Popular On TikTok? Details Inside!

In the second episode, it is shown that Lois lived through the attack and was able to figure out who did it a year later. All of this was actually a dream based on a computer simulation that Stewie ran to see what would happen if he killed Lois.

Alex Borstein’s Voice Work On Family Guy As Lois Griffin

Alex Borstein has been Lois Griffin’s voice since the show’s first episode in 1999. Borstein gives voice to a lot of the show’s regular characters, like Tricia Takanawa and Barbara Pewterschmidt. On Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the actress who plays Susie Meyerson has already talked about her decision to leave Family Guy.

In an interview with Pop Culture from earlier this year, she said, “It’s crazy, right? When we started, I was 15, In jest, Borstein said. When asked when she might retire, she said, “As long as I’m still laughing when I get a script, it’s still a pleasure to do.”

Lois Griffin and Alex Borstein

She went on to talk about the cast and crew of Family Guy and what it’s like to work on the show. “I like those people and that person. I’ll stay as long as the writers can tell stories that are new and interesting in some way. I laugh out loud every time I read a script. So, that’s how I judge it. My rule of thumb is that if I’m still laughing when I get a script, it’s still fun to do.”

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Family Guy Season 22 Renewal Status!

As of right now, nothing is known about Family Guy Season 22. The Griffin family’s adventures in the cartoon are known for being dark and sometimes offensive. The show is about Peter and Lois, a stay-at-home mom who lives with Peter’s three kids in Quahog, Rhode Island. Family Guy can be seen on either Fox or Adult Swim.

You can also watch the cartoon on Disney+ Hotstar if you are in India. Fox showed Season 21 of Family Guy for the first time on September 25, 2022. Also, episode 400 is an important point in the season.