The Family Business Season 4 Release Date 2022! Eveything We Know

Netflix’s ‘Family Business’ is a French-language comedy series about Joseph Hazan, his family, and their unusual business. As France moves closer to legalising marijuana, the Hazans convert their struggling kosher butcher shop into France’s first marijuana-friendly café.

However, things go wrong with narcotics all the time. As they strive to convert ‘Hazan Meats’ into ‘Hazan Weeds,’ the family will face the wrath of the authorities and the cartel.

The Family Business Season 4 Release Date 2022! Eveything We Know

Igor Gotesman’s sitcom features foul-mouthed characters, strange locations, and a dysfunctional but attached family, all of which are sure to evoke laughs and gasps. After all, how often do we witness a brave grandmother growing marijuana?

Season 1 premiered on June 28, 2019, to critical acclaim for its odd plot, particularly French-Jewish humour, and original take on the family business concept. With a straightforward and pleasurable viewing experience, viewers will surely want to see more of the Hazan family. Is there any chance of a fourth season in the near future? Let’s look into it.

The Family Business Season 4 Release Date

Season 3 of the show was recently released on Netflix by the show’s creators. The third season will premiere on October 8, 2021. It’s broken up into six segments, each lasting about 30-39 minutes.

Now, in response to your worry, we have some disappointing news: Netflix confirmed that the third season will be the show’s final season, with no further seasons planned.

Season 3 also ends without a cliffhanger, implying that there is nothing left to cover or continue in the following season. Another reason, in our opinion, is that each character in Season 3 deserved a satisfying and happy ending. There’s a slim to non-existent likelihood of a fourth season.

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The Family Business Season 4 Plot

A new Netflix comedy-drama called The Family Business has premiered. The documentary tells the storey of the Hazan family’s slaughtering business. Hazan Meats, a butcher business, was located there.

The concert took place in France while marijuana was still outlawed. Although most people were familiar with marijuana, its legalisation permitted it to be sold and used in the same places as other everyday items.

The Hazan family recognised an opportunity and turned their butcher shop into a marijuana-friendly café. Because their butcher shop was not profitable enough.

Their decision to turn Hazan flesh into Hazan weed sets them on a long road of miseries and difficulties. Several police officers and aristocrats were hidden using this method.

With the help of his family, Joseph was able to free himself from the weed tangle, and the entire family was reunited in Parsis after a long absence.