Romulus Season 2 Release Date, Cast, First Look & Episode Guide

The Romulus show displays feelings of fraternity, camaraderie, and love worthy of the Roma legend. Following the success of the first season of Sky Originals’ Romulus, a second season has been ordered.

Filming for new episodes of the popular period drama series “Romulus” season two is presently underway in and around Rome, in conjunction with ITV Studios, and will continue through November.

The first season has already been premiered on Sky every Friday beginning November 6, 2020, and will be available for streaming on NOW.

Let’s learn more about ROMULUS Season 2, Sky’s original series, and everything we already know.

Romulus Season 2 Release Date

Milan, 11 June 2021 – Sky presented first-look photographs for the second season of the Sky Original series ROMULUS, Matteo Rovere’s journey between history and legend back to the beginnings of the narrative of Rome’s founding.

Filming for new episodes of the series, produced by Sky, Cattleya (part of ITV Studios), and Groenlandia in conjunction with ITV Studios, is presently underway in Rome and its environs and will continue through November. Season two of Romulus is set to premiere on November 15, 2022.

Fans won’t have to wait for too long to watch the new season of Romulus (ROMVLVS). The premier dates are confirmed and it has been set to release on Netflix. Season 2 of Romulus will also have eight episodes. Stay Tuned!

Romulus Season 2 First Look

ITV Studios has released the first trailer for “Romulus 2,” the second season of the groundbreaking Rome origins series performed in archaic Latin.

Romulus Season 2 Release Date, Cast, First Look & Episode Guide

The business is also opening global sales for the series, which has recently ended production and is being billed as “faster paced and more in your face” than the previous installment, according to Lisa Perrin, the company’s chief of international productions.

The first season of Sky Studios‘ extravagant Sky original Cattleya — which is owned by ITV Studios — and showrunner Matteo Rovere’s Groenlandia shingle has now achieved cult status, if not outstanding ratings, in Italy. It received this year’s Silver Ribbon award from Italy’s critics for the finest Italian series produced for the foreign market.

The second season of “Romulus” sees several new young Italian talents added to the mix, most notably Ludovica Nasti, who plays Lila on HBO’s “My Brilliant Friend,” and filmmaker Francesca Mazzoleni (“Punta Sacra”), who has come on board to direct one of the eight episodes.

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The Cast of Romulus Season 2

Romulus Season 2 Release Date, Cast, First Look & Episode Guide
  • Sky adds 5 new casts for Romulus season 2. The stars of the first series as Andrea Arcangeli as Yemos
  • Marianna Fontana as Ilia
  • Francesco Di Napoli as Wiros
  • Valentina Bellè playing Ersilia,
  • Max Malatesta play as Sabos
  • Ludovica Nasti as Vibia,
  • Giancarlo Commare as Atys, the young king of Satricum
  • Emanuele Maria Di Stefano as the king of the Sabines Titos Tatios, son of the God Sancos, the most powerful enemy of Rome.
  • Reprising their roles are Sergio Romano (as Amulius), Demetra Avincola (as Deftri), and Vanessa Scalera (as Silvia).

Episode Guide for Romulus Season 2

Season two will have a total of eight episodes.

Like the first season, which was already distributed by ITV Studios in over 40 territories, the second season is entirely shot in archaic Latin and directed by Matteo Rovere, Michele Alhaique, and Enrico Maria Artale, who will be joined by Francesca Mazzoleni, who will direct one of the new instalments.

Filippo Gravino and Guido Iuculano are back in charge of the script, along with newcomers Flaminia Gressi and Federico Gresini.

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About Romulus Series

Yemos and Wiros, as brothers, constructed their city and dedicated it to Rumia. Roma and her two monarchs quickly become a symbol of freedom and hospitality, but they attract the attention of a powerful foe: Titos Tatios, ruler of the Sabines.

Romulus Season 2 Release Date, Cast, First Look & Episode Guide