Are Chris Evans and Alba Baptista Dating? Relationship Status

Is Chris Evans dating Alba Baptista? The musician has become an internet star as a result of the rumours spreading on the internet.

Alba Baptista is a well-known Portuguese actress who recently starred in the film Nothing Ever Happened, which will be released in 2022. Following the film, Baptista was cast in the upcoming drama L’enfant.

Her new drama will premiere on February 10, 2022. It’s also been nominated for a Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Baptista’s rise to fame as a result of her series Warrior Nun on Netflix has entangled her in speculations that she is dating Chris Evans. Let’s see how much of the rumour is true in this place.

Is Chris Evans Dating Alba Baptista?

Chris Evans, a Marvel actor best known for his role as Captain America, and the Portuguese actress Alba became the subject of widespread internet allegations that they were dating. Is this, however, correct?

In late 2021, both artists began to face rumours. The rumours began after one of the actors’ videos was shared on TikTok.

The speculations intensified after Chris and Alba began following one other on Instagram and even exchanging likes on each other’s postings. Their admirers didn’t stop there; they also provided proof of their tattoos.

While fans have been following the speculations, the stars have yet to respond. Furthermore, it appears that the reports are unfounded, as both musicians are confirmed to be unmarried as of 2022.

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Alba Baptista’s Relationship Rumours

Alba, as a well-known actress, is always dogged by dating rumours. In 2022, she is expected to be unmarried and unattached.

Baptista had at least one previous relationship with filmmaker Justin Amorim. After working together in the film Leviano, it was revealed that the two stars began dating.

Their relationship status is currently unknown, however, she is currently the subject of internet speculations about Chris Evans.

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The Alba Baptista-Baptista Relationship Revealed

Alba is a popular actress who stands about 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She has been the subject of countless online dating rumours.

But first, let’s take a peek at her amorous history. The actress has made her connection with Justin Amorim, a well-known director, public.

Other than the speculations, she has no other relationship history than her love affair with the director. Furthermore, they have been upfront about their romantic lives and have been dating for quite some time.

There have been no current updates on their relationship, and the actress has not recently released any photos of Amorim. As a result, her relationship is still a bit hazy at the time.