Bryan Cranston Net Worth – $40 Million

Bryan Cranston’s Salary – $225 Thousand Per Episode

Bryan Cranston is an American actor, writer, and director with a net worth of $40 million. Cranston made his name as an actor, climbing his way up the show business ladder with frequent roles on Seinfeld and then starring in the comedy Malcolm in the Middle. From there, he won his trademark role on the AMC original series Breaking Bad, as Walter White, also known as the ruthless drug kingpin Heisenberg.

Bryan Cranston Net Worth - Career, Salary, Personal Life, and More!

Cranston began his acting career after graduating from college, despite being born in Hollywood on March 7th, 1956. His father, on the other hand, tried but failed to locate such a job before abandoning Cranston and his siblings to their mother in 1967.

Cranston’s father was away from his life until he was 22 when he and his brother Kyle reconnected (later, he would explain that he modeled much of his Breaking Bad performance on his father’s characteristics). Cranston recounted a remarkable anecdote from his upbringing in several places decades later: He met Charles Manson when he was 12 years old, while horseback riding at the now-famous Spahn Ranch in California, just before the Manson murders.

Cranston’s parents were split on acting, so he didn’t pursue it seriously until after graduating from Los Angeles Valley College in 1976. (with a degree in police science). Before beginning his acting career in earnest in the 1980s, he worked as a Universal Life Church preacher, a waiter, a security guard, and even a video dating service camera operator.

Bryan Cranston Net Worth - Career, Salary, Personal Life, and More!

From 1983 through 1985, he had a regular role on the ABC soap serial Loving. In the late 1980s, he had a starring role in a short television show called Raising Miranda, and eagle-eyed viewers may have heard his voice dubbing various pieces of Japanese media for American audiences, most notably the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – even earning the distinction of being the namesake for one Billy Cranston, otherwise known as the Blue Ranger.

Cranston proceeded to work as a character actor on increasingly notable TV programs, finally appearing in a 1998 episode of The X-Files, when he met future Breaking Bad producer Vince Gilligan. Around this time, he began to earn feature film parts, notably that of famed astronaut Gus Grissom in the 1996 film That Thing You Do! and a notable but brief appearance in the 1998 blockbuster Saving Private Ryan.

Then, in 2000, he had his greatest break yet when he was hired as the family patriarch Hal on the Fox comedy Malcolm in the Middle, which lasted seven seasons. Cranston also directed a few episodes. With guest appearances on series like How I Met Your Mother and a role in the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine, his work on other TV shows continues.

Bryan Cranston Net Worth - Career, Salary, Personal Life, and More!

In 2018, he became the voice of a Ford ad campaign called “Built Ford Tough,” and in 2019, he returned to the character of Walter White in the Netflix Breaking Bad sequel film El Camino. His talent as an actor has also garnered him several plaudits and prizes, including three straight Emmys for his portrayal of Walter White on Breaking Bad.

Personal Experiences

Cranston married Mickey Middleton, a writer, in 1977, and the couple divorced in 1982. He married Robin Dearden, an actress he met on the set of Airwolf in 1984 (he played the villain, and she played a captive). They are still married and have one daughter (actor Taylor Dearden, born in 1993). In 2016, Cranston published his autobiography, A Life in Parts.

Highlights of Bryan Cranston’s Pay

Cranston’s most famous role, Walter White on Breaking Bad, paid him $225,000 each episode at the height of the show’s success.

Bryan Cranston Net Worth - Career, Salary, Personal Life, and More!

Money quote by Bryan Cranston

“When it comes to money and employment, I wish Americans thought like Europeans. They take vacations and do what they love. We believe that labor is the most valuable commodity. Time is perhaps the most valuable commodity.”

Property Investment

Cranston paid $2.5 million in 2007 for a beachside house in Ventura County. He then proceeded to destroy the property’s previous residence, which he completed in 2012. The final home was custom-designed to meet cutting-edge environmental criteria, earning Platinum LEED certification as a green home with solar panels, rainwater collecting tanks, and other eco-friendly amenities.

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As a consequence, the Cranston home is a “net-zero home,” meaning it generates as much energy as it consumes. “We know we’ve accomplished if our guests question incredulously, ‘This is a green home?'” Cranston said in an interview with Dwell magazine about the property. Because of the green criteria, the improvements cost 30% more than a typical refurbishment.

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