What Is Philip Michael Thomas’ Net Worth? Complete Information!

What Is The Net Worth And Salary Of Philip Michael Thomas?

Philip Michael Thomas, an actor from the United States, has a net worth of $2.5 million. On the hit 1980s TV series Miami Vice, he played detective Ricardo Tubbs (“Tubbs”).

He has received a People’s Choice Award and has been nominated for a Golden Globe. Thomas coined the acronym “EGOT,” which stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award. He had hoped to win all four at some point, but as of this writing, he has failed to do so.

Early Life

Philip Michael Thomas was born in Columbus, Ohio, on May 26, 1949. With his seven half brothers and sisters, he grew up in San Bernardino, California. He began performing in his church theatre group as a child, and after singing in the Pentecostal Delman Heights Four Square Gospel Church choir as a teenager, he grew interested in joining the ministry. Thomas attended San Bernardino High School and graduated in 1967. To help pay for education, he worked as a janitor and was awarded a scholarship to Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. Before going to the University of California, Riverside, he studied religion and philosophy. Thomas received his first acting part in the San Francisco cast of “Hair,” inspiring him to drop out of school and pursue a career as an actor.

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What Is Philip Michael Thomas' Net Worth? Complete Information!

Acting Career

His first film role was as a priest in the 1972 film “Come Back Charleston Blue,” in which he made his cinematic debut. “Stigma” was released in the same year, and he starred as Dr. Calvin Crosse. Following that, Philips appeared in a number of films, including “Book of Numbers,” “Mr. Rico,” and “Black Fist.” His first prominent performances were in the films Coonskin (1975) and Sparkle (1976), in which he co-starred with Irene Cara.

After landing a prominent part opposite Don Johnson in the 1984 film “Miami Vice,” Philip received his first major break. Richard Thomas portrayed Ricardo Tubbs, a former New York City Police Department officer who travelled from Miami to the Bronx in order to exact revenge on the person who murdered his brother.

Music Career

In 1985, Thomas published an album titled “Living the Book of My Life” on his own record company, Spaceship Records, which was distributed worldwide. Despite the fact that the album did not sell well and did not yield any hit singles, Thomas developed a video for the song “Just the Way I Planned It,” which was on the album. Later that year, he appeared on an episode of the television show “Miami Vice” and sang the title song from the album. In 1987, he collaborated with Lucia Galan on the song “Ever and Forever,” which was released as a single. In 1988, he released a second studio album, “Somebody,” which was met with a similar lack of critical acclaim. In 1993, Thomas collaborated with Kathy Rahill to write the song “My My My Miam…I,” which was later adopted as the city of Miami’s official theme song. In addition, he collaborated with Jamaican fitness instructor Sandi Morais to develop songs for a musical called “Sacha,” which got a successful run in New York and South Florida before being cancelled. Sandi’s exercise videos featured music produced by Thomas in 2001 and 2006.

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What Is Philip Michael Thomas' Net Worth? Complete Information!

Personal Life

In 1986, Philip and Kassandra Thomas exchanged wedding vows. The couple separated in 1997, and their divorce was formalised the following year. It is estimated that they had five children together, with Philip having another six children from different relationships. In the 1980s, he was romantically involved with Sheila Willis, Dharma Matthews, and Dionne Warwick, to name a few celebrities.