Who Is Cameron Dicker’s Girlfriend? Gets Personal Message From Carrie Underwood!

The first mainland Chinese-born NFL player, Cameron Dicker was born in Hong Kong on May 6, 2000. In the National Football League, he plays as a kicker for the Los Angeles Chargers (NFL).

Los Angeles Chargers rookie kicker Cameron Dicker kicked a game-winning 37-yard field goal with no time remaining in their 20-17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. A storybook ending was guaranteed when the undrafted rookie came through in the clutch to win the game.

A few weeks ago, Cameron Dicker’s most exciting upcoming event was a Carrie Underwood concert. In the end, he wasn’t able to make it. He had to play instead in the NFL.

Who Is Cameron Dicker's Girlfriend? Gets Personal Message From Carrie Underwood!

Cameron Dicker was signed by the Los Angeles Chargers last week. Even though Dicker was happy to be signed, he wasn’t too happy about how quickly it happened. Dicker told reporters that he had to miss Underwood’s show to join the Chargers. In light of recent events, many of Cameron Dicker’s admirers have been curious about his romantic life; this article will reveal details about his girlfriend as well as the message he got from Carrie Underwood.

All You Need To Know About Cameron Dicker’s Girlfriend Annie Buerk

Annie Rose Buerk was born to parents Tom and Bettie Anne Buerk on January 6, 1999, in Austin. Katie Buerk, her only sibling, is presently in a committed relationship with Steven A. Olivas. The wedding date has been set for October 7, 2023.

As fellow Lake Travis High School alumni, Buerk and Dicker have known each other for quite some time. When Dicker first started dating his current girlfriend in 2016, he posted an Instagram photo of the two of them together.

Who Is Cameron Dicker's Girlfriend? Gets Personal Message From Carrie Underwood!

Moreover, Buerk stated, “3 years & I’ve never loved ya more!” in a post from 2018. If you calculate 3 years from 2018, they started dating around 2015.

Annie Buerk, Cameron Dicker’s girlfriend, says he’s the most God-fearing, diligent, and modest man she’s ever met. She has supported the football player all the way back to her college days. When Dicker played his first collegiate game in 2018, she wrote about it.

The mother of Katie and Annie Buerk, who live in Austin, is a special education teacher in the Lake Travis Independent School District. James Robert Hatch, their late grandfather, was an early innovator in the Rio Grande Valley’s agricultural and industrial supply industry. In addition, he had served his country during the Korean Conflict.

Annie Buerk attended Lake Travis High School from 2013 to 2017. Having graduated from The University of Texas in 2021 with a BS in Advertising, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, she is an expert in her field. As a student, she was an iReporter for school football games.

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Cameron Dicker Gets A Personalized Message From Carrie Underwood

Dicker recently went viral after telling reporters he had to miss Underwood’s show to join up with the Chargers.

“I was like, ‘Oh, my agent’s calling me, this is weird,'” he said. “Then, ‘Hey, how fast can you be at the airport?’ [I] said, ‘An hour and a half,’ hopped on a flight and came right out.”

Underwood was moved by his story, so she tweeted him a special greeting from the Chargers’ account just before the game.

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“Good luck and hope to see you soon at the #DenimAndRhinestonesTour, @camerondicker !” she tweeted at Dicker.

That’s the best possible conclusion for Dicker. He gets to live out his childhood fantasy of playing in the NFL, and he also won’t have to miss out on Underwood’s concert.