Reborn Rich Episode 16 Release Date & More Details!

Since the big plot twist in the K-major drama happened right before the end of the series, episode 16 of Reborn Rich will be when the next-to-last piece of the puzzle comes out. Check out what Reborn Rich thinks will happen in Episode 16 and the last episode of the season before they air.

Reborn Rich, the latest JTBC drama starring Song Joong Ki, has been at the top of the news in South Korea for weeks because of how well it has done with viewers. Nielsen Korea’s ratings show that a huge 25.032% of Koreans watched the most recent episode.

Reborn Rich Release Date

Reborn Rich episode 16 will air on JTBC on Sunday, December 25 at 8.30 a.m. ET/5.30 a.m. PT/1.30 p.m. GMT. Reborn Rich will be available to stream on Disney Plus, Netflix Korea, Rakuten Viki, and Viu after it airs on JTBC, so people from all over the world will be able to watch it.

Reborn Rich Episode 16 Release Date & More Details!

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Reborn Rich Ending

As a result of the unexpected twist that occurred at the conclusion of episode 15 of Reborn Rich, fans are left wondering how the series will come to a conclusion. Since his rebirth as Do Jun, both fans and our protagonist, Hyun Woo, have pondered the question of why he, of all people, was allowed to experience life as Do Jun, and why, despite his perfect recall, he did not know Do Jun’s fate until the day of their accident. This question has been on both of their minds ever since Do Jun was reborn as Hyun Woo.

Even the webtoon viewers were taken aback when they learned that Hyun Woo had actually been the one to kill Do Jun at the very end of Episode 15. Some fans have theorized that the sudden shift in the story’s trajectory was the universe’s method of exacting revenge on Hyun Woo by making him repeat his former life as Do Jun while keeping his true identity a secret from everyone else.

Both the first episode and the fifteenth episode have at long last returned to the point where they initially began. Soonyang Micro may resurface just before the beginning of the current timeline (episode 1), prompting Hyun Woo to take on the task of locating the origin of the slush fund. Alternatively, Do Jun may not die but instead, be placed in a coma and taken somewhere else. Seong Jun and his father Young Ki may continue Soonyang.

Reborn Rich Episode 16 Release Date & More Details!

Do Jun’s second existence didn’t bring him much change, except for the fact that his hunt for revenge is coming to an end. Do Jun, the bright grandson of Jin Yang Cheol had a strong desire to become a member of the Soonyang family.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that Do Jun will live, and in order to keep the secret of Soonyang Micro safe, she will direct that Hyun Woo be killed. One more point of view suggests that perhaps Hyun Woo and Do Jun will end up working together as opposed to competing with one another.

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Reborn Rich Rating

Every episode of Reborn Rich is fascinating, whether it’s because of the script, which blends period drama with a story about identity and just the right amount of history and politics, or because of the cast, which always gives award-winning performances.

Season 1, Episode 15 of Reborn Rich has always done well on the Nielsen Korea chart, with 25.032% of viewers.

Reborn Rich, which was South Korea’s most-watched K-drama of the year, was also number four on Netflix’s non-English global Top 10 chart for the week of December 12-18, with 19,440,000 hours of views.