Results Of Shanquella Robinson’s Autopsy And The Reason She Died!

Robinson is from Charlotte, North Carolina. On October 28, she and six friends took a plane to San José del Cabo, Mexico. Only a day later, she died.

And now it looks like FBI agents will have to sort through different stories as they look into how Shanquella Robinson died in Mexico. On the other hand, a Mexican defense attorney for criminal cases says that autopsy reports should be taken more seriously than police reports.

According to the police report, Shanquella Robinson was awake when first responders got to the Cabo, Mexico, vacation home where she was staying with a group of people last month.

Results Of Shanquella Robinson's Autopsy And The Reason She Died!

Previous reports said that Robinson’s death certificate said she died 15 minutes after being hurt, but this new report says that’s not true. Instead, one part of the police report says that a doctor from a nearby hospital stayed at the house with Robinson and the others for about three hours before she was declared dead.

Robinson’s death in a foreign country made the mystery and outrage, which have been going on for weeks, even more, complicated. Read on for more information.

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In the case of Shanquella Robinson’s death, the police report and autopsy results don’t match up

Several important details on Shanquella Robinson‘s death certificate and the internal police records from Cabo authorities don’t match up.

Shanquella Robinson’s mother, Sallamondra, told the media that her daughter’s friends from the trip first told her that Shanquella had alcohol poisoning.

On November 4, the Secretariat of Health released Robinson’s death certificate, which was heavily used by the media for several weeks. The autopsy that preceded the issuing of Robinson’s death certificate reportedly revealed that she died from severe injuries to her spine and neck.

Robinson’s family said that her body showed signs of having been beaten and that her injuries matched those seen in a video that came out soon after she died. In the video, a man can be seen beating a naked woman, who her family later said was Robinson.

Results Of Shanquella Robinson's Autopsy And The Reason She Died!

The police story, which is mostly based on a doctor from the American Medical Center in Cabo, doesn’t say what physical injuries Robinson had, but the new information makes it hard to understand how he could have died so quickly after being hurt.

According to the report, Robinson was still breathing when paramedics got there, and a doctor from a nearby hospital stayed with her and the other people in the house for more than three hours before declaring her dead.

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The Charlotte Observer got information from a police report that hadn’t been made public yet this week. The details were given to the Observer by Gerardo Zuniga, an investigative reporter for MetropoliMx based in Los Cabos. They were first reported by MetropoliMx on Monday.

About Shanquella Robinson’s Death

On the death certificate, the official cause of death is written as “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation.” The form just says “yes” where it asks if the death was an accident or was caused by violence.

The police report does not say what killed the person, but it does say that 911 was called because the person “died (cardiopulmonary arrest).”

Results Of Shanquella Robinson's Autopsy And The Reason She Died!

In neither record is there clear evidence that Robinson was drunk or had alcohol poisoning. On the death certificate, there is no place to write down information about alcohol or other drugs. In the police report, the doctor says that Robinson’s “vital signs were stable, but he was dehydrated, couldn’t talk, and seemed to be drunk.”