Tom Brady’s Divorce With Gisele Bundchen – Complete Information!

Is Tom Brady’s marriage to Gisele Bündchen on a knife’s edge? Brady and Bundchen were rumored to be on the verge of divorce before Brady retired, and now he’s risking everything to win another Super Bowl ring. Here’s what the tabloids have to say about it.

Tom Brady Facing $650M Divorce?

The Globe then reported that Bündchen’s outward support for her husband was her method of “trying to put on a brave face,” but that she and Brady were having trouble behind closed doors. “She understands that she can’t — and won’t — stand in his way if he wants to return to the game, but she’s not delighted about it… Despite providing her reluctant consent, she feels thoroughly betrayed by his decision,” a source stated.

After some investigation, we discovered that this story was just not true. “Gisele has been loud about wanting him to retire for years, but she’s also his biggest cheerleader,” a source told People. If she wasn’t on board, he’d never do it… They make all of their decisions as a family.” Apart from the tabloid’s juicy story, we have no reason to mistrust Bündchen’s words of encouragement.

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Tom Brady’s Divorce With Gisele Bundchen

Then, according to Life & Style, Brady and Bündchen‘s marriage was in deeper trouble than anyone suspected. An insider revealed, “She went berserk on Tom for signing a new contract.” “Gisele is baffled as to why he’s prioritizing football over their family once more. Their relationship has reached a breaking point.” And the future looked bleak for the adored couple. “She’s not going to forgive him in the near future.” “And the one thing they all agree on is that being stuck in a dysfunctional marriage is bad for everyone,” the snitch added.

But, once again, the available evidence did not support this tabloid’s story. Every indication pointed to Bündchen’s support for her husband’s decision. While Brady’s decision to come out of retirement surprised many, there’s no reason to suppose he didn’t consult with his wife first. Bündchen, from what we could gather, was well aware of Brady’s situation and was fully supportive of him, his profession, and his team.

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What Is Tom Brady’s Net Worth?

In the NFL, Tom Brady is a quarterback, a spokesperson, and a businessman. At the time of this writing, Tom Brady is worth $250 million. This is separate from the $400 million fortune he shares with his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The joint net worth of Tom and Gisele is $650 million dollars. As a member of the New England Patriots, Brady has won a record six Super Bowl titles, the most in NFL history. His four Super Bowl MVP awards and three NFL MVP trophies in the last decade are both records for a player.

In 2020, the New England Patriots traded Tom to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers have signed him to a two-year deal worth $50 million, with a potential $9 million in incentive bonuses. When Tom’s contract expires, he’ll have earned over $400 million in earnings and sponsorships throughout the course of his career.