Who Is Adam Archuleta’s Wife? All You Need To Know!

Adam Jason Archuleta was born on November 27, 1977. He played safety for seven years in the NFL before he retired. He went to Arizona State University, and the St. Louis Rams picked him with the 20th pick in the 2001 NFL Draft.

He talked about sports both locally and nationally for ESPN and Fox, and in 2011 he was inducted into ASU’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Fans are interested in what Adam Archuleta does in his free time. Has Adam gotten married?

Adam is happily married to Jennifer Walcott, in case you didn’t know. In this post, we’ll find out everything we can about his wife and kids.

Who Is Adam Archuleta’s Wife?

Know About Adam Jason Archuleta’s Wife

Jennifer Walcott used to be a fashion model, but now she is a well-known fitness expert. She is married to Adam Archuleta. The mother of three got married to her long-term boyfriend on March 23, 2010.

Jennifer has her website under her name @jenniferarchuleta791503300. She gives advice on how to eat well, be a good parent, exercise, and, most of all, live a healthy life.

Walcott has three acting roles to her name. She has been in movies like American Pie Presents: Band Camp, Postal III, and The Pool Boys. The Archuleta family was on Football Wives E: True Hollywood Story in 2009. Jennifer became known as the wife of an NFL football player because of this appearance.

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Jennifer is very active on Instagram under the name @jenniferwalcott. This is part of her social media presence. As of this writing, she has 47,400 fans, and her profile is public and has been checked.

Who Is Adam Archuleta’s Wife?

When Did Adam And Jennifer Get Married?

Adam married Jennifer Walcott, the woman he had loved for a long time, in 2010. He had met her when he was in the NFL. They got married in Cabo San Lucas and then had a party at the Esperanza Resort in the Land’s End Room.

Sources say that they were together for five years before they got married. They met at a party in Las Vegas that was put on by a friend they both knew. Family, friends, and people who were happy for the couple were all at the wedding. The Maldives Islands in South Asia were where they spent their honeymoon.

Who Is Adam Archuleta’s Wife?

Meet Adam And Jennifer’s Kids

Jennifer and her husband have a girl and two boys. Jett James Archuleta, Hawk Archuleta, and Piper Rose Archuleta are their real names. She had their first son on April 10, 2008, two years before they got married. Their oldest son has already started to do what his dad did.

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Her two sons are Jett James Archuleta and Hawk Archuleta, and they are four years apart. The youngest daughter, Piper Rose Archuleta, was often seen with her mother tying clothes together.

Walcott has changed a lot. He used to spend a lot of time on make-up, clothes, and the gym. Now, he has three children. She also takes care of her well.