Who Is Gene Gallagher’s Girlfriend? Everything We Know!

Gene Splits From Model Girlfriend Amelia After Two Years

Gene Gallagher, the son of Oasis icon Liam Gallagher and The actress Nicole Appleton, is back on the market after separating from his long-term partner.

Since early 2020, the 20-year-old model has been linked to brown-haired model Amelia, but the romance is alleged to have ended.

The celebrity offspring is back on the market after the young couple called it quits after a two-year relationship. However, there may have been a tumultuous breakup, as Gene has endeavored to erase any traces of Amelia from his life – and internet life.

The couple has been dating since last year after meeting through mutual friends.

They decided to make their relationship public on Valentine’s Day, with Gene referring to his new partner as “my wife.”

Who Is Gene Gallagher's Girlfriend?

“Gene couldn’t be more head over heels for Amelia,” a source said.

“Their relationship has become stronger, and he has openly addressed her as his wife. He can’t seem to stop grinning.”

Gene drew similarities to renowned rock ‘n’ roll couples Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen and Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love when he posted a photo with his girlfriend on Instagram last month.

Gene is single after his long-term lover left him. “The son of singer Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton has been dating Amelia since early 2020, frequently posing for loved-up Instagram photos.”

Who Is Gene Gallagher's Girlfriend?

“However, insiders say they’ve split up, with Gene deleting any traces of his ex-girlfriend from his social media accounts.”

Gene’s divorce comes just weeks after he was charged with committing a crime in a Tesco store in May 2019.

The connection was revealed after Gene’s cousin Anais Gallagher revealed she was dating Instagram farmer Julius Roberts.

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But, given their history, I doubt Noel’s daughter will contact Gene to praise him after he remarked, “You look like ur dad with a blonde wig on.”


Meanwhile, Gene’s famous father has stated that, rather than living alone, he wants to collaborate when it comes to music. From 1991 until 2009, the 49-year-old was a member of Oasis, then from 2009 to 2014, he was in a new band named Beady Eye.

He then tried his hand as a solo musician, releasing his debut album As You Were in 2017 – but it appears that he misses making music with other people.


He made the admission ahead of the release of C’Mon Yo Know, his third solo album, which is set to drop later this month. In other news, the Oasis veteran has been updating fans on his health, admitting that he has a damaged knee.

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His paternal family hails from Ireland. Tommy and Peggy Gallagher are Gene’s paternal grandparents (Sweeney). Noel Gallagher is his uncle. Anas Gallagher, Donovan Rory MacDonald Gallagher, and Sonny Patrick MacDonald Gallagher are his cousins.

Net Worth

$1,000,000 to $2,000,000 (Approx.)
Gene Gallagher was born in England on July 2, 2001. 19 years old. Gene Gallagher is a member of the celebrity family.
In 2000, his father divorced Patsy Kensit, and he was born to Nicole Appleton a year later. His parents married in 2008 but divorced in 2013. Patsy Kensit gave birth to Gene’s brother, Lennon. Molly is his half-sister, while Gemma is his other half-sister.