Who Is Ochocinco Dating? All You Need To Know!

Sharelle Rosado, a well-known real estate agent, has always wanted a big family. She has four kids: three from previous relationships and one with Chad Ochocinco Johnson, a retired NFL wide receiver who has been her partner for two years.

This year, on January 2, the 43-year-old former NFL player posted on social media that his 34-year-old girlfriend, the Selling Tampa star, had given birth to their first child. Chad told everyone in a cute Instagram post that he and Sharelle had named their baby girl Serenity.

Who Is Ochocinco Dating? All You Need To Know!

Johnson’s success in the NFL and Rosado’s role in the first season of “Selling Tampa” on Netflix have made the couple famous. Sharelle seems to be moving forward with her relationship with Ochocinco, even though he has a history of abusing his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. What comes next is a full and detailed explanation of how Ochocinco and his girlfriend got together.

About Chad Ochocinco Johnson And Sharelle Rosado Relationship

Evelyn Lozada, who was then his wife, found a condom receipt in 2012, which led to an argument. Johnson was arrested and put on probation for a year. Lozada filed for divorce after only a few days, saying that her marriage was “irreparably damaged.”

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Sharelle Rosado chose to ignore Johnson’s past and said that his mistakes were the kind of thing that everyone does sometimes. She thought Johnson was better than that and that he could only get better from his experiences. The happy and loving relationship between the two has stood the test of time.

Who Is Ochocinco Dating? All You Need To Know!

Rosado, who has been dating Johnson since 2020, has said that Johnson “went through everything he needed to go through to get to where he is today.”

She said this about her future husband: “He’s a nice man in general, and I respect him.” I love him because he is a great father, a great person, and a great soul mate.

Do Chad Johnson Have Kids?

Rosado is a mother to her own four children and a stepmother to Chad Johnson‘s other seven children from other relationships. The former NFL player is said to have had kids with six different women. Rosado doesn’t seem worried and instead puts her trust in the man who will soon be her husband.

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He started a family with both Alexis Farquharson and Crystal Bates and had a daughter with each of them. Like his father, his son Chad Johnson II plays football for Arizona State University. By chance, he is a wide receiver. His daughter Cha’iel is a rising track star who has already set a number of junior records.

Who Is Ochocinco Dating? All You Need To Know!

Johnson says that co-parenting hasn’t been a problem because the women knew he wasn’t interested in a long-term relationship with them. He chose to have kids with these women because they were good at sports. He did this to make more athletes.