Who Is Richard Madden’s Boyfriend? All We Know!

Richard Madden is a Scottish actor who has been in HBO’s Game of Thrones, the BBC drama Bodyguard, and films such as Rocketman and 1917. He has become a global celebrity in a short period of time, and his followers are already curious about his personal life and whether Richard Madden is gay or not.

Who Is Richard Madden Dating Someone?

Reports have recently circulated that the actor is dating 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn. They were initially spotted in Los Angeles, and we even learned that they were living together. This notion grew stronger after Madden’s role in the film Rocketman, in which he played a gay character.

Who Is Richard Madden's Boyfriend? All We Know!

“It’s a pretty bad way to go down if we start restricting people’s casting based on their personal life,” he said when asked about his role. We need to put more emphasis on diversity and having everyone represented, but I also believe in casting the best actor for the position.”

Furthermore, current reports claim that the pair split up in November of this year. For a long time, their relationship had been tense. “Brandon has made it plain that he doesn’t want to meet Richard because he instructed the Versace team not to invite him to a party at the beginning of December,” a source stated.

“Richard has been clothed by the brand a few times,” he continued. But they’re working with Brandon now, and they’re following his desires by not inviting Richard to the party.”

Is Richard Madden Gay Or Bisexual?

In light of his adoration life, Richard Madden doesn’t seem to be gay. In any case, the Scottish entertainer has kept his sexual direction a secret for the time being.

He is attracted to the next sex because he is aware of his heartfelt life and dating the lady. According to the source, Chafe is rumoured to be dating Brandon Flynn.

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Brandon Flynn is a well-known American entertainer and musician. For the time being, Richard Madden wishes to keep specific themes hidden. He remained completely silent whenever his sexuality was brought up.

According to online sources, Richard and Brandon have been seen together several times, raising questions about Richard’s sexuality.

Richard’s sexuality has become more combative since he played a gay role in the film Eternals, which sparked public doubts about his sexuality. Regardless of whether or not the entertainer from The Eternals is gay, we can’t make any decisions based solely on gossip.

Brandon Flynn And Richard Madden: Partners Or Friends?

Ellie Bamber, Laura Whitmore, Suki Waterhouse, Caroline Flack, and Jenna Coleman have all dated Richard Madden recently. However, rumours have been circulating that entertainer Richard Madden is dating 13 Reasons Why VIP Brandon Flynn. This was brought to light shortly after Madden’s breakup with Ellie.

They were first observed in L.A., and this claim was bolstered when it was discovered that both Madden and Flynn were living there. When Richard Madden portrayed a gay character in the film Rocketman, the buzz grew even faster. Richard Madden Gay, indeed!

Who Is Richard Madden's Boyfriend? All We Know!

“It is a bad way to go down if we start restricting people’s casting based on their private life,” he stated whenever asked about his position. We should emphasise diversity more, but I also believe in casting the best actor for the position.”

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When questioned about his relationship with Brandon Flynn, Richard Madden refused to discuss his personal space during a conversation with the New York Times.

Furthermore, it is rumoured that Richard and Brandon’s friendship has developed and that they will have a quarrel in November 2019. Their relationship had been tense for a long time, according to The Sun. “Brandon, in an interview, issued a pellucid remark on Madden, saying that he doesn’t want any form of interaction with him because he told the Versace team not to send him an invitation to a party they have scheduled in December,” the source revealed. The brands that Richard Madden was affiliated with are now under contract with Brandon Flynn, and they are honouring his wishes by not inviting him to the party.”