My Life Is Murder Season 2 – Know All You Need to Know About

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been hoping for a return of Xena: Warrior Princess! While there will be no official reunion, Xena actresses Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor will rejoin in season 2 of the AcornTV comedy My Life is Murder.

Season 2 of the gripping murder mystery series is set in stunning New Zealand and boasts a slew of great guest performers, including William Shatner (Star Trek), Martin Henderson (Grey’s Anatomy), and Michelle Ang (Fear The Walking Dead).

Here’s everything we know about season 2 of My Life is Murder thus far.

My Life Is Murder Season 2 -  Know All You Need to Know About

What is the plot of My Life is Murder?

In the Australian murder-mystery series My Life is Murder, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Ash vs Evil Dead) plays Alexa Crowe, a sophisticated and confident retired homicide detective (and current bread maker).

Alexa can’t get enough of a good mystery, so when a former coworker and lifelong friend, Detective Inspector Kieran Hussey (Bernard Curry), asks her to “consult” on one of his more difficult cases, she is hesitant but can’t say no.

Madison, who is effervescent, sardonic, ambitious, and grounded, joins Alexa in her quest to solve the unsolvable (Ebony Vagulans). Madison works as a data analyst for the police and is available at Alexa’s request to perform what she does best.

My Life Is Murder Season 2 -  Know All You Need to Know About

In season 2 of My Life is Murder, what happens?

Alexa returns to her native nation of New Zealand in season 2 of My Life is Murder—and, she hopes, far away from any murders or mysteries. However, Inspector Hussey, who has profited from Alexa’s crime-solving abilities, advises his buddy, a fellow detective in Aukland, to look up Alexa if he has any cases that require a fresh pair of eyes. He summons Alexa, who becomes embroiled in the investigation of a self-help guru’s death and finds herself in a cat-and-mouse game with the victim’s intriguing wife (O’Connor).

My Life is Murder takes place where?

The first season was set in Melbourne, Australia, while the second is set in Auckland, New Zealand.

My Life is Murder has ten episodes in its first season. Season 2 will include ten episodes as well.

My Life Is Murder Season 2 -  Know All You Need to Know About


Lawless, Lucy (Alexa Crowe)

Alexa Crowe used to be a homicide investigator, but now she bakes bread instead. Detective Inspector Kieran Hussey, a former colleague, draws her back in by assigning her to some of his more difficult cases.

Lawless is best known for starring in the six-season television series Xena: Warrior Princess as the eponymous character. Rob Tapert, an executive producer and co-creator of Xena, is the New Zealand native’s husband.

Vagulans of Ebony (Madison Feliciano)
Hussey provides Alexa with his tech-savvy Madison for any research she needs on the situations he assigns her. Madison, a newbie, admires Alexa and turns to her for guidance.

When Alexa begs Madison for assistance in Season 2, she does not expect her to show up on her doorstep in Auckland.

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Vagulans, who graduated from Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art, plays his first significant part in My Life is Murder.

My Life Is Murder Season 2 -  Know All You Need to Know About

Jobe Rawiri (Harry)
Harry is a dashing and charismatic New Zealand investigator who tempts Alexa with an impossible case.

Shortland Street, a long-running New Zealand prime-time soap opera based at the fictional Shortland Street Hospital, featured Jobe for a while. Martin Henderson also appeared in the series (though at different times).

Naufahu Joe (Reuben)
Alexa now takes her handmade bread to Reuben, the proprietor of a bistro.

Before becoming an actor, Naufahu was a professional rugby player. He previously appeared on Game of Thrones.

My Life Is Murder Season 2 -  Know All You Need to Know About

Will My Life is Murder have any prominent guest stars?

Yes! Martin Henderson from Virgin River, Jay Ryan from Beauty and the Beast, and William Shatner from Star Trek guest star in the new season of My Life is Murder. Fans of Xena: Warrior Princess may expect a reunion between Xena and Gabrielle this season, as Renee O’Connor will guest star in an episode.

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