What Did Ladarius Tweet About Monica? 

Cheer on Netflix is famous for its pyramids, tumbles, and drama. Monica Aldama and La’Darious Marshall were involved in a lot of turmoil in the series. Jerry Harris’ imprisonment and Marshall’s departure from the squad dominated Season 2 of Cheer.

La’Darious left the Navarro Cheer because he felt bullied by Monica. He said that when he needed her the most, she was unavailable. Jerry was detained after two juveniles were accused of giving him a sexual discount.

What Did Ladarius Tweet About Monica? 

Ladarius’ Monica Tweets

La’Darius Marshall mentioned Monica Aldama on Twitter in February of 2021. He mentioned her favorite slogan, “Be responsible for your deeds,” and commented that now it is her turn to be held accountable. Smith resigned because he couldn’t stand following the crooked bosses blindly.

After the first season of Cheer, Monica Aldama and La’Darious Marshall had a fight. Kailee Peppers took her place in Navarro Cheer when she went on Dancing With the Stars in 2020, and the two didn’t get along.

When she left, La’Darius didn’t feel like he was getting the help he needed. Monica forgot where she came from after returning from the dance event, according to Parade, since she was shocked by the social media rage.

What Did Ladarius Tweet About Monica? 

What Did Ladarius Marshall Say?

Later, La’Darius Marshall said on Instagram Live that he regretted not expressing his displeasure on Cheer. After his uncle’s death, he did not take time to heal. When the cameras weren’t filming, he talked about how he was mistreated emotionally by his instructors and colleagues.

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Navarro College’s cheer program, according to Marshall, changed after 2019. He said that the program had become abusive, although he didn’t specify what he meant. According to Vulture, Marshall said that being a member of the team had a negative impact on his mental health.

What Did Ladarius Tweet About Monica? 

Where Have Monica Aldama And Ladarius Marshall Gone?

La’Darius Marshall resides in Pensacola, Florida, where he coaches cheering. He wrote a dejected and potentially suicide remark on social media in September 2020. After receiving assistance from a friend, he was subsequently located safe.

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Navarro College Cheer is still coached by Monica Aldama. Full Out: Life and Leadership Lessons from America’s Favorite Coach, her debut book, was recently launched.