Bad Bunny ‘Moscow Mule’ Takes The Lead In The Battle For Summer Song

Fans of the Bad Bunny, your wait is finally over. Prepare yourself for a summer of perreo and heartbreak tunes.

Bunny (born Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio) released his new studio album Un Verano Sin Ti on Friday, accompanied with a massive music video for the album’s opening track “Moscow Mule,” which sets the tone for summer 2022.

In the music video for the song, a naked Bunny (28) appears. He’s shown travelling before getting picked up by a potential love interest and spending a nice summer night with her. They’re seen dancing around a campfire, driving late at night for food, becoming passionate, and partying at a club till she drops him off and he waits for her texts/calls later in the video.

Bunny is shown naked once more in the video, but this time he turns into a merman-like figure, leaping magnificently into the sea, directed by Stillz. In the video, his love interest (who is also dressed in her birthday suit) joins him and the two of them swim in the deep ocean.

Why is Bad Bunny one of the biggest pop stars in the world?

Bad Bunny's 'Moscow Mule' Takes The Lead In The Battle For Summer Song

The album “Un Verano Sin Ti,” or “A Summer Without You,” is Bad Bunny’s fifth studio album.

He announced the artwork and track list on Wednesday morning, which comprises 23 tunes divided into two “sides.”

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He teased the record in April by posting a phony Craigslist ad for a 2019 Bugatti Chiron that included a phone number. “There isn’t much time left till the album is released,” Bad Bunny would say after hearing a sample of the title tune. I can’t tell you the exact date just yet. ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ is the title, whatever.”
On Instagram, he also posted doodles of himself and his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri at the beach.

One of the queries that pops up when you Google Bad Bunny, also known as Benito Ocasio, a 28-year-old Puerto Rican, is “Why is Bad Bunny so big?” It’s a fair question, particularly on this side of the Atlantic, where he’s a tiny figure with only one hit single, Drake’s Mia from 2018. He could still claim to be the world’s biggest pop star: he was the most streamed artist on Spotify in both 2020 and 2021, with 17.4 billion streams in those two years. He is the first musician to top the Billboard charts in the United States with an all-Spanish-language album, El ltimo Tour Del Mundo. He’ll star alongside Brad Pitt in the action picture Bullet Train before starring in a new Marvel film about a wrestler named El Muerto whose mask provides him extraordinary abilities.

It’s the kind of accomplishment that allows for big statements. El ultimo Tour Del Mundo, his third album, was released in 2020. (the first, YHLQMDLG was the highest charting all-Spanish language album in US history until he beat his own record). Un Verano Sin Ti is a 23-track album with a playtime of nearly an hour and a half. According to its inventor, it was created to be played in the background while people relax on the beach or beside a pool (its title translates as A Summer Without You).

The album’s guest performers are exclusively pulled from the Latin American music world, including Colombian “psychedelic cumbia” pair Bomba Estéreo and LA-based indie band the Maras, as well as a bevy of Puerto Rican rappers and singers, as was the case with El ltimo Tour Del Mundo. Why would you need the fame power of Cardi B or Dua Lipa to help you crossover when you’ve already done so massively?

Apart from its duration, the most noticeable characteristic of Un Verano Sin Ti is the picturesque route it takes to retain its globe dominance, which ranges from psychedelic cumbia to indie-pop. The CD occasionally comes across as formulaic. Moscow Mule is a pleasant song with a pleasant sunlit mood – attempts to conjure a beachside atmosphere include the use of seagulls, not for the first time on the album – but its combination of reggaeton beats and AutoTuned vocals feels very familiar, regardless of the language it’s sung in; similarly, Dos Mil 16, a ballad over a trap beat, feels very familiar. These moments, though, are rarer than you may imagine, and they’re often followed by a rapid shift into uncharted territory.

Moscow Mule is followed by Después de la Playa, a twisted mambo with what appears to be live singing. The background music on Otro Atardecer sounds like Vampire Weekend performing underwater. The album’s lead producer, Marco “MAG” Borrero, seems to have a thing for unsteady sounds that warp and slide in and out of tune; Andrea, the best of the reggaeton tracks here, tempers the beats with innumerable layers of hazy synth. Tit Me Preguntó, on the other hand, deviates into dembow, a frantic musical style prevalent in the Dominican Republic.

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Some songs appear to exist in their own bizarre musical universe. El Apagón begins with muffled sampled voices, muttered lyrics, and clattering percussion before being transformed into a late-night house music by the surprise introduction of a buzzing synth. A female voice takes over, the electronics soften, and a late-night tone takes over. This is all condensed into three minutes. The listener is left off somewhere completely different from where they began.