Who Is Andy Cohen’s Boyfriend? Is He Dating John Arthur Hill?

While Andy Cohen has made a living analyzing other people’s romantic life, fans have had a hard time figuring out who he is seeing. Andy has managed to keep the attention of other people despite rumors about his love life surfacing on the internet from time to time. That changed recently, thanks in part to a segment on Watch What Happens Live featuring his ex.

Andy Cohen And An Ex-Boyfriend Took A Compatibility Test

Andy’s ex-boyfriend, John Hill, is a co-host on Andy’s show Watch What Happens Live. During a recent episode of the show, John and Andy did a compatibility test with guests Paige DeSobro and Craig Conover, and there was a lot of talk about their previous relationship between John and Andy.

The piece sparked a lot of internet discussion about Andy and John’s relationship, with some even speculating that they were still together in 2022. John, a musical theater actor who also presents the show This Feels Live, is also well-known on Instagram, where he has shared images with Andy on occasion. Despite the fact that they appear to be no longer together, they stay friendly.

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Who Is Andy Cohen Dating?

It’s unknown whether Andy is currently in a relationship, but the piece sparked a lot of nostalgia among fans about his connection with John. It’s clear that the two of them have stayed friendly, and despite the fact that they’re no longer together, they’re clearly at ease in each other’s company.

A fan even asked Andy why the two of them had decided to break up during a piece on This Feels Live. “It was just a matter of time.” “At the time, we were in different stages of our life,” Andy explained.

Even if things didn’t work out, Andy did give his blessing to John’s boyfriend at the time. “I believe he’s fantastic.” Andy stated, “I’m very into it.” “I like how he brings out the best in John.” When John is in love, my life is made easier.”

Fans Really Liked Andy And John’s Compatibility Test

Even though some fans didn’t know who John was, everyone agreed that it was fun to watch the two of them take a compatibility test together.

Let your partner or ex-partner on more often. “You and John were so funny,” one person said after the show.

“There’s still time. John and Andy work together? “Wow,” “Dang,” and “What?” Aww, wow, I’m shocked “Said another fan who was a little less sure.”

It doesn’t matter who Andy is dating now, many fans still think he has something to do with John. Because the two of them have kept in touch since their breakup, even if they never get back together in a romantic way, it’s good that they have stayed close.

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What Is Andy Cohen’s Net Worth And Salary

Andy Cohen is an American TV executive and celebrity. He has a net worth of $50 million, and he is worth a lot of money. Andy is a TV executive, a blogger, and a media host for Bravo.